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Internet Support

Technical Support Phone Number
Internet Operation and Troubleshooting download DSL Handbook
Dial Up Internet Phone Number 296-5600
Inbound Mail Server Settings
Outbound Mail Server Settings
Primary DNS Server
Seconday DNS Server
Alternate Secondary DNS Server ( ( (
Wireless Router ISP Settings
Once you have configured your wireless router, you should write the settings down (SSID, encryption type/key, admin password, etc) and save them. A good solution would be to tape the settings to the underside of the wireless router.
Set to "Dynamic" or "DHCP"
(not pppoe or static)


If your are having problems with your PC that is not specifically Internet related, there are several local individuals/companies that can assist you. Although we may refer you to one, we do not endorse one over another.
MINTEL does not endorse or make any claims as to the reliability of any 3rd party products and software mentioned nor do we provide any type of support for them. This information is being provided for you as a convenience. It is your responsibility to be informed about the software you install on your machine.