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MINTEL.NET High Speed/Broadband Internet Services


$29.95 Residential

512K down/256K up * ²
Free Installation
3 Family Email Accounts

Business class $39.95


$49.95 Residential

1.5 Meg down/384K up * ²
Free Installation
4 Family Email Accounts

Business class $59.95


$69.95 Residential

3 Meg down/512K up * ²
Free Installation
5 Family Email Accounts

Business class $79.95

Platinum Internet: 5 Meg Downloads* ², 768k Uploads.
$89.95 Residential/$99.95 Business.
Diamond Internet: 10 Meg Downloads* ², 1M Uploads.
$139.95 Residential/$149.95 Business.

Additional MINTEL.NET Internet Services:

Dialup Internet$19.95Local number for Mulberry, Lafayette, Dayton,
Frankfort, Rossville, and Buck Creek areas
Static IP Address$5.00Static IP Address
DNS Hosting$25.00DNS Hosting - anually
Website Hosting$12.00Your website on our servers. www and email included
E-Mail Only$5.00E-Mail only or out of area email
5 Port Switch$26.00Linksys 10/100 SD-205

* Speeds and service availability vary. Connection speeds are based on sync rates. Download speeds are not guaranteed but provided as 'best effort'. Connection speeds may be up to 15% lower due to network overhead requirements and may vary for reasons such as customer location, websites accessed, Internet congestion and customer equipment. Combination of certain services and achievable links rates due to line conditions may make speeds and availability vary.