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LOW RATE of 8.0 cents per minute on all your long distance calls! Anywhere in the Continental U.S.
International rates available
No minumum charge, no monthly service charge! If you don't make any long distance calls, you have zero long distance charges.
Intra-lata (in-state) and Inter-Lata (out of state) same low price! No zone charging. 8 cents to Indianapolis, 8 cents to Florida
No gimmicks!
Simple 1+ dialing
No friends or family lists
No weekday/weekend pricing
No extra numbers to dial
No fees to switch We will switch you from your current provider to
Mulberry Long Distance and waive the fee.

Toll Free numbers for $0.11 per minute





Effective August 1st, 2001, the FCC has issued an order detariffing the Long Distance Telephone Industry. In the past, Long Distance companies, such as Mulberry Cooperative Telephone Co, Inc. were required to file their tariff with the FCC. Any change in the tariff was filed with the FCC. Long distance companies are now required to make the tariff, now refered to as "Terms and Conditions of Long Distance Service" directly available to the consumer, as we has always done. We have made the information available at our office and online at Terms and Conditions.
The FCC Article can be found at: