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Telephone Support Information
Quick Dial Assistance
Local Directory Assistance 1411 .50 per number
Human Services 211 see 211 website
Your telephone number 511 free
Telecommunications Relay Service 711 see 711 website
Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service 811 see 811 website
Emergency Response Service 911 free


Lifeline and Linkup Telephone Assistance
Lifeline provides a monthly discount on basic local telephone service for eligible consumers.
Contact Office for information
2009/10 Phone Books available at the Office 
Telephone Service Trouble (M-F 8AM-5PM)765-296-2885
Telephone Service Trouble (After-hours)765-296-9900


Self Troubleshooting:

  • No Dial Tone. Verify you have no phones off the hook.
  • No Dial Tone and your Internet and/or TV is working. Unplug all your phones from power and phone line. Plug one non-cordless phone back in. Check for dialtone.
  • FAX machine doesn't work. Verify you have dial tone at that jack. If you do, refer to the FAX machine's owner's manual for setup and operation.
  • Scratchy or static on line. Call us to start a trouble report.